10.  Occasionally our bodies are going to tell us that they need a rest and we have no choice but to listen.

9.  It's not as difficult as you'd think to push a 100-pound bike to the top of a mountain.  Thank god for granny gears!

8.  Although I thought I would, I still don't get to sleep in....we quickly learned it's best to be on the road by 6 a.m. to avoid wind, traffic and heat.

7.  The miles go by slowly, but time flies.  I occasionally look down at my computer to find 2 hours have passed but we've only gone 20 miles.

6.  Non-cyclists are curious of our travels, amazed that we've gone so far (though we've hardly just begun) and never hesitate to tell us of all the local bike mishaps that have happened in the last three decades.

5.  Despite all of the years I fought with my Mom about going to bed early, I've realized that 7:30 is the perfect bed time after a long day of play.

4.  "People in vehicles get to see it, but don't really experience it."  A quote from Ollie who briefly rode with us en route to Portland.  This is so true.  In a car you are sheltered and everything flies by so quickly, while on a bike we feel the strength of the wind, the steepness of the hills, the sudden changes in temperature.  We smell the scents of the ocean, grasslands, forest and cities, and we see everything from the little bugs scuttling across the pavement to the wildlife and wildflowers along the side of the road.

3.  It should be a life requirement for everyone to ditch the hectic, scheduled, stressful lives they live and do whatever makes them happiest (even if only for a short time).  Absolute freedom is the best feeling in the world!

2.  Only the crazy folks ride north along the Pacific Coast.  The smart people go south with mostly downhill terrain and the wind at their backs.

1.  I didn't think it was possible to be happier than I was - but I am.


Mom said...

Realization 1, how lucky to come to that realization so young. Enjoy life to the fullest everyday! Love you bunches!!

NancyE said...

In a way, I'm glad you guys are cooling your heels for a few days. Boredom has had a great effect on the blog. The "More Pictures" and "Where Are We" features are WAY cool. Thank you, thank you. The pictures are just terrific. Great camera. Great photographer.

Love your realizations, too. Mike, get better soon. Everyone is cheering you guys on and sending you good vibes.

Anonymous said...


Thought I would give you some unsolited advice or info on bike induced knee pain. Unless there is a medical problem, like a torn miniscus, the most common knee problems are bike fit related. You probably already know this but thought I would throw it out for you anyway. Seat height is the most common cause of knee problems. Front knee pain is from having the seat to high and rear knee pain is from having the seat too low--or is it the other way around--I get confused, must be the onset of old timers disease. Anyway try adjusting the seat, even a small amount 1/8 in makes a huge difference. Also, when the pedal is in the most forward position (3 o'clock) a vertical line drawn from the hinge point of the knee should pass through the ball of your foot. So try adjusting the seat forward or backward then recheck the seat height. Lastly, lower gears and higher cadence is always better for more efficient use of your available power.

Hope this helps.

BTW... have fun and take lots of pictures''''great blog


jenjen said...

Hi Cari and Mike,

Love your web site and reading about your adventure! So far the top 10 realizations are my favorite....but I have to tell ya, Uncle Mike and I have experienced most of those things while biking (on a harley of course) and it saves the knees! Take care and enjoy the ride!