Ever since we left Santiago, people have been telling us that the scenery gets more and more beautiful the further south you go. It turned out to be true. Every day of riding grew increasingly more spectacular and I often wondered if it could possibly get more beautiful. I am positive that we have now reached the natural beauty threshold of this planet because Mother Nature couldn't come close to topping what we've been riding through these past few days. The area around Lago General Carrera is breathtaking.

The land is virtually untouched with little more than a few quiet gravel roads passing through. There is no garbage strewn along the roadside. The air is fresh and clean. The rivers are so crystal clear that it's like looking through a newly washed window; you hardly notice it's there. Around every corner is a new set of mountains; jagged and magestic, covered in glaciers, weaping with thousands of waterfalls, uninviting to human beings yet daring someone to try to conquer them.

Mike and I often stand in astonishment overlooking the water of this lake and surrounding rivers and can't think of a color to accuragely descrive them. Maybe teal, turquoise or electric blue, though none of them seem to be quite right. We utter a few short, mindless comments regarding the beauty of the place, how we've never seen anything like it and how these are the exact reasons as to why we're willing to endure endless hours of tabanos, weather and horrible roads. We tried, and failed, to capture this unbelievable place with our cameras, but the colors, the grandness and the beauty could only be etched in our memories. Mostly we have been left breathless and speachless with no words powerful enough to descrive what our eyes are seeing or our souls are feeling. It's a place one must see for themselves to believe.


NancyE said...

WOW! If it's true that your camera is not able to capture most of the natural beauty of this place, it must truly be the most beautiful spot on the planet. Because the pictures are *incredible.* Wish I were there. (Though I don't wish I had ridden a bike all the way.) :-)

Mom said...

Your photos make the next three weeks hard to stand. We are anxious to see for ourselves. Be safe and know we miss you bunches. The camera charger came and we wait for the list of supplies, etc.
Love you bunches!!

Kristina Phipps said...

This is right where George and I were backpacking. We flew into Coyhaique, drove south past Lago General Carrera, then hooked a right at the southern tip of the lake and started our 7-day trek after crossing Lago Bertrand by boat. Yes, the scenery defied description -- the mere scale was overwhelming... and the STARS!!!
enjoy, Cari!

Rafoh said...

:) que bueno amigos.
Buen viaje y quizas nos vemos en Puerto Natales.
(yo regresé a Pto Tranquilo, me invitaron a la Laguna San Rafael!)
Subiré fotos a Rutas Patagonicas en Facebook.

Saludos y un Abrazo!

Anonymous said...

Great story-telling, Cari!

By jove, I think those closest are orographic stratus clouds in the 2nd from bottom picture!

- Bob