We have stayed with some interesting people and in some intersting locations so far on this trip, and our night in Garryowen, MT is definitely included in that list. Thank you to our friend, Betty, for setting us with a contact and thank you Chris for your generosity, hospitality and willingness to entertain us for a night amidst your overwhelmingly busy life!

We received a wonderful and fascinating history lesson during our visit to Garryowen, a small town unlike any we've ever visited before, in southeastern Montana on the Little Bighorn Battlefield. The town is unique in that it was purchased by Chris in 1993 (yes, he owns the town) and over the years he has built and now operates the gas station, convenience store, subway sandwich shop, post office and Custer Battlefield Museum....all one building. He lives above the town and the only other regulars are a couple of employees and a few interns.
Outside the museum.

This, too, is the only place outside of Arlington where there is a tomb of an unknown soldier, located just in front of the building. On the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Little Bighorn, there was a peace ceremony in which White Bull, a Sioux Indian Chief and General Edward Godfrey burried a tomohawk in the grave and thus coined the term, “burying the hatchet.” www.custermuseum.org
Mike, Chris & Cari in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier.

We were treated like royalty on our visit, given the master suite with a telescope looking out to Last Stand Hill where Custer and the last of his men fell in battle and taken on a backstage and personal tour of the museum. There was not only an amazing collection of war artifacts and Native American history and culture but also world history. Chris simply has a love for history and his enthusiasm to share it with others is phenomenal! Thank you so much Chris for this unique experience.
Statue of Sitting Bull.

Holding an Egyptian Ushabti Doll, dated circa 664-525 BC!

Last Stand Hill on the Little Bighorn Battlefield.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Ghosts keep you awake at night? Did you hear war cries on the night wind? - Bob

NancyE said...

Oh, coooowul! Have always wanted to visit that place myself, so I'm totally jealous. BTW, your excellent blog earned a total of $504 for the Clarion Foundation. Nice work! :-)

Mom said...

Lans, Mary, and I went threw Gerryowen but did not stop. Interesting history; George Armstrong Custer and the battle - how many ordinary folks would know the reason for the battle to begin with?
Love you bunches!