All ready to go!

I still can't believe this is our new life!  It doesn't feel real quite yet, probably because yesterday's ride was short and relaxed, all along familiar roads and ended at our friends' house in San Francisco with a delicious meal and warm showers.  I'm sure the reality will hit soon as we continue to venture north.

Aside from our front derailers needing a little adjusting, day one was a huge success.  Once I stopped crying from all of the good-byes, a permanent smiled fixed itself to my face and every time Mike and I looked at each other we could do nothing but giggle.  This is so surreal!  Yesterday was the first time we rode with our bikes fully loaded, with Mike's weighing in at 102 lbs. and mine at 99.4, but it surprisingly only took a few miles before we were comfortable with their weight and how they handled.  I was mentally prepared for it to be much more difficult than it was but I'm sure once we hit some of today's grades I'll be thinking otherwise!
Mike cresting our first "climb".


Betsy said...

Woo-hoo! Have fun and enjoy every minute. See you in Seattle!

Joanna said...

SO glad you posted a day one update!! I was tempted to call you all afternoon... but I thought I should let you get some miles under your belt first ;-) Love the line, "every time Mike and I looked at each other we could do nothing but giggle."

Nancy Etchemendy said...

I'm countin' the words, ducky. Keep 'em comin'! Maybe it feels surreal to you, but you guys sure look like the real thing. I mean...your hair's already a mess and everything. :-)

Mom said...

I am so proud of you both!! We will miss you. Love ya bunches

Chrissy said...

YAY!! And you're off! Praying for safe travels and a lot of fun!