So here it is. The start of our blog that will act as our journal and major form of communication between family and friends while we bike around. I simply say "around" because we don't exactly know where it is we'll be going. The road is open and that's the beauty of this trip!

I am going to apologize for the lack of complexity and "coolness" on this website. I'm new to this and hope to figure it out as I go, but I'm also completely computer illiterate, so don't expect much :)

We have officially set a departure date: June 6, 2010. The countdown is at 75 days which is somewhat frightening because it's going to be here before we know it, yet super exciting because we've been anticipating this day for so long!!!


Betsy said...

We are so excited to see you here in Seattle! Henry can't wait to ride with you guys.

Mel said...

Ride for allof us that are saying "I should have". Have a grand adventure!